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Muslims, Jews and Modest Christian Clothing

resizedimage.phpYou know there is a difference in the way devout Muslims dress in compared with the Western World, is there a difference in modest Christian clothing as compared with the way others dress? Or devout Jewish people? Are religious people more modest than their non-religious counterparts? Culture and religion does plays a part in how people think about modesty and dress. Some religions are very strict in their dress codes; others have guidelines for their member to follow.

Muslim Dress Code

Muslims are the most rigid in their form of dress, especially for women. Read more →

How to Communicate with Your Barber

barberIf you’re a man, getting a haircut, whether a small trim or a drastic cut, can seem like a huge ordeal. You trust your hair in the hands of another man so you may become paranoid or suspicious that your cut will be a disaster when a stranger in a white apron takes the scissors out.

You want the best results so you can leave the shop with a clean cut and an improved self-image. Fortunately, you don’t have to face any hair crises if you know the proper way to communicate with your barber in Sherman Oaks. If you know the basics of hair cutting and how to talk to your barber, you can have your best hair cutting experience yet. Read more →