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Achieving The Best Classic Shave

A wet shave is a tried and true technique to get a clean and close shave. It is a process that most men enjoy and find therapeutic. There are a variety of different types of wet shaves. From the classic shave to the traditional shave; a special technique is used for each to achieve a clean and close shave.

The Different Types of Shaving

The classic wet shave is something that most people are familiar with and have seen done at a barber shop. It involves a straight razor, brush, and cream or soap. The classic wet shave provides for a very close and precise wet shave. The traditional wet shave involves a safety razor, brush, and cream or soap. The traditional wet shave is what most wet shavers start out with; and some graduate on to the classic wet shave or stay where they are. A traditional shave is great for people who don’t have a lot of time in the morning and like to speed up their shaving process. The modern wet shaver uses a cartridge razor, brush, cream or soap. Although using a cartridge razor provides a much quicker shave, it’s often not a very close shave, and the costs to have to continuously supply yourself with cartridges isn’t cheap.

Take the Time to Practice

When your facial hair is hydrated it becomes soft and flexible, which makes a wet shave so much easier on the skin. Getting yourself acquainted with the razor of your choice will most definitely include some type of learning curve. When it comes to your straight razor shave you will want to practice a lot before putting the blade to your face. You can practice by inflating a balloon; lathering the balloon up and then gently removing the lather with a straight blade without popping the balloon. Before you start the actual wet shave you want to first identify any areas on your neck or face that are irritated, ingrown hairs, or anything that would make the blade stumble when it tries to glide smoothly along your lathered face. Once you have identified those areas it’s important to be extra careful around them to prevent any problems.

Steps for a Perfect Shave

For your pre-shave treatment try to gently cover the hair follicles with pre-shave oil; make sure not to rub the face too much because you don’t want to irritate the skin. Once you have applied your pre-shave oil you will take a hot towel to the face to open up the pores and softened the skin. Try not to keep the towel on your face for longer than a minute. When it comes to creating your lather you want to make sure you cover the shaft of the hair follicle completely without over doing it and making it too thick. You can start with the right side of your face and do downward strokes with the blade. Once you have accomplished that then you can do the left side of the face followed by the mustache area, and lastly the chin. In order to make sure the skin is nice and tight while you are shaving you will want to stretch the skin with your free hand, and shave with the other. Short precise strokes will help you from accidentally cutting your skin. For the neck area it is recommended to shave from down to up. The chin area is the most difficult area to shave and is usually best to save for last. Once completed, apply some after shave balm to your classic shave and you will be well on your way.

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