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At Look at Fire Retardant Clothing

There has always been a need for specialized clothing from bulletproof vests and clothing to that of fire retardant clothing.  Your average Joe does not typically wear these specialty types of clothing on a daily basis. Many different types of specialist in many different fields wear these types of clothing. Here we will take a look at a few of those different types of fields that use fire retardant clothing as well as the different types of fire retardant clothing out there.

Being Fireproof

For thousands of years mankind has looked for ways to make themselves fireproof or fire retardant and for many different reasons.  In the past man has tried several different things.  They started out with heavy leathers that gave them minimal protections. Throughout time they tried layers of cotton, wool and other fibers to try and come up with something that is more fire retardant with no real success.  It wasn’t until the industrial revolution when the need for fire retardant clothing was greatest that chemicals where mixed into the material that some of the first real fire retardant materials were made.

Who uses Them

When the average person thinks of fire retardant clothing they typically think of fire fighters or astronauts. Although this is very much true, they are not the only ones that use fire proof or fire retardant clothing. There are many industries that use fire retardant clothing.  Some of the more common industries are oil and chemical, which deal with flammable materials. Depending on the company and what the employees do, the employees can be required to wear fire retardant material all day everyday. Another common industry is that of the electrical industry.  This includes individuals who work at the power plants and electricians who work on buildings and offices. Most of the reasoning is that they deal with areas that may give off sparks, which doesn’t react will with fibers like cotton or wool.


So far we have covered a brief history of mans previous attempt at making fire retardant clothing and the different industries that use fire retardant clothing today. With the many different kinds of fire proof and fire retardant clothing requirements there are many different companies that specialize in making these types of clothing for each industry type. For example, there are companies that specialize in making fire fighter protective clothing and equipment. There are also companies that make specialized clothing for oil and electrical workers. One of the interesting things that you will find with fire retardant clothing in comparison to normal clothing is that the clothing has to meet a certain regulated guideline within industry standards for the different uses of fire retardant materials. The most common thing that you will find about each of these companies is that they protect their clothing making process. There are few companies that tell you what the material is made out of or how they make it, but they will tell you what it does.  For most people that is good enough because their biggest concern is that it works and that they have a wide range of sizes.

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