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How to Care For Down East Swimwear

Ladies, let’s be honest. There’s always that one little number from DownEast swimwear every summer that you absolutely fall in love with. You know that it is the right fit for you because you have tried it on several times. Every time you try it on, you envision yourself poolside, or at the beach, wearing a floppy hat and cute sandals. You have your umbrella for shade and sunscreen next to your towel. You have finally achieved that perfect tan where you still look human, but have some color.

The color of your dream swimsuit contrasts perfectly with your skin tone. That is, until you wear it for a few times and the color of the swimsuit starts fading, the top starts wrinkling in a weird way and the bottoms start to wear. It’s always so disappointing when you look at your perfect swimsuit and ask yourself, “What could I have done to prevent it from wearing so fast?” Here are some tips to help you keep you swimsuit in tip-top shape to last you several summers.

While You Wear It

Have you ever noticed that the bottoms of swimsuits will eventually start feeling rough? That is because the fibers in the fabric are beginning to become undone. Although this is normal, you can slow down the wear by avoiding rough surfaces. Whenever possible, bring a towel with you and sit on that. Avoid sitting on the steps or edges of pools that are textured. If you are on the beach, sit on a towel at all times.

Whenever you’re near any body of water, it’s reasonable to expect a plethora of products to come in contact with your swimsuit, from tanning lotion to sunscreen. That also means that you will most likely stain your swimsuit when you apply the products. If you do, make sure that you rinse your suit with cold water as soon as it gets on the swimsuit. Otherwise, you risk staining it. Always rinse your swimsuit in cold water after each wear and layout to dry before throwing it in a hamper. If you throw it in wet, the color will bleed onto your other clothes.

While You Wash It

Washing DownEast swimwear is fairly easy as long as you know what you are doing. Remember that your swimsuit is made from delicate fabric and must be washed accordingly by hand. It is easy to throw your swimsuit in the washing machine. However, the washing machine may still be too rough even if it is on its lowest setting. Always air dry your swim suits instead of throwing them in the electric dryer. The dryer can also wreak havoc on your precious swimsuit by moving the breast pads around and creasing them. Squeeze (don’t wring) the water out of your swimsuit and lay it out in a shady area to dry. Make sure that the pieces don’t overlap because the color can still bleed if it is wet. Also, lay it out flat so that you prevent wrinkles in the swimsuit and in the breast pads.

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