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How To Choose The Best Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest For You

So, you have watched the Sons of Anarchy show and have become enamored with the exciting lifestyle and the bravado of the characters and have decided that the only way to feel happy in your life is to invest in a Sons of Anarchy leather vest.  Congratulations on selecting the very best way to up your awesome rating by about one million percentage points.  Finding the right vest can be hard at times, so for people in your predicament, there is a list here of some tips to consider so you will know how to find the best vest choice for you.

Check the Sizing Scales

Take a look at all the characters on Sons of Anarchy.  So, do you see any of them in vests that are too small, or too tight, or too large?  No.  They may strut around like they don’t care what others think of them, but they for sure Read more →

How to Buy Trendy Celebrity Jewelry Online

Did you just buy a new outfit and are now looking of a fitting piece of celebrity jewelry to complete the ensemble? There are two obvious choices. You either spend hours going from one store to the next until you find something you like, or you stay comfortably at home to shop online. More and more women prefer the second option. They do not have to leave the house, save a lot of valuable time, find better deals, and have a wider selection to choose from. These are pretty strong arguments. Are you now willing to give it a try? Do not be afraid. Internet shopping is really not difficult. Just stick to the following guidelines.

Know What You Need Read more →

Red Hats and Women’s Activewear

What is in your closet?  Dresses and skirts for formal occasions, weddings, funerals, business events and church; and dress pants and jackets for work, going out and semi-occasion events.  You probably have loose jeans and sweatshirts for those cold days when you just can’t face one more pair of heels, and women’s activewear that you wish you could just live your life in.  As the Baby Boomer begins to age, they are fighting aging by staying active and eating healthier but they are revolting against the social norms of ghastly uncomfortable clothes.  Loose, well-made, fashionable clothes are the standard for women who had caved in to being uncomfortable for most of their adult lives.  Read more →

John Flear

John’s work explores the emergence of complex collective patterns from simple individual behavior. His work is heavily influenced by Thomas Schelling, the 2005 Nobel prize laureate in economics. Small changes in individual behavior often cause big changes in resulting interactions. John uses computers to simulate living environments. He programs the individual behaviors of the artificial organisms and lets them create their own ecologies and patterns. The results are fascinating and sometimes unexpected.

Fireflies (2005). The patterns created on the LED panel are made by digital fireflies that move around their environment to find the ideal temperature for their existence. If it’s too hot they move away from the other fireflies. If it’s too cold they hang out together. This abstraction reflects the way we humans also lead our lives. We move around pulled by emotional forces in various directions. Looking from a distance we can see an intricate dance of life.